Reading a story on the Daily Mail site today reminded me of a classic episode of Seinfeld I love.

The story which is about a woman who received a piece of Princess Diana’s wedding cake, is kind of lovely. Maybe I’m a bit nostalgic and emotional because I lost my grandmother this month, but it’s nice to see people’s dying wishes to be carried out.

The woman, who worked for the Queen Mother, received the huge chunk of cake following the royal wedding and she has been hanging onto it ever since. Her wish was that it be sold when she died, and it’s expected to fetch almost $40,000 at auction! The widower she leaves behind said that a lot of the money will go to Furzedown, a charity that helps get elderly folks out of their houses and out and about.  I’m not a big Diana fan, but I think the idea of money associated with her going on to help others is really touching.

Anyhow, the story totally reminded me of this hilarious episode of Seinfeld (The Frogger), where Elaine accidentally eats a piece of cake in her boss’ fridge. She eats it because she’s so hooked on her afternoon sugar rush from the abundance of workplace cake (which she hates.) Except the the boss’ cake is no ordinary slice; it’s from the 1937 wedding of King Edward VII.

She eventually replaces it with an Entenmann’s cake (from the case at the end of the aisle), but is found out when the cake is appraised at a paltry $2.19 instead of the expected $29,000 and her boss catches her on tape eating the cake.

You can witness Elaine’s love-hate relationship with cake here:

So hilarious. I’m not holding my breath on my possible wedding dessert being worth more than $3.00, so I doubt any of it will get saved. The idea of eating stale, frostbitten baked goods on the first anniversary has always kind of creeped me out.

Daily Mail: Slice of Diana’s wedding cake kept for 27 years expected to sell for £20,000