Can I just mention right now how much I love sea animals? Whales, seahorses, jellyfish, even ugly anglerfish and creepy cephalopods of any variety (but mostly octopi) bring joy to my life. One of the best days of my life started out extremely poorly in Bangkok but ended up fantastic, after spending four hours at Paragon Siam Ocean World aquarium. The garden eels alone were worth the price of admission. And it made things easier to identify during deep sea dives.

But, I digress.

I have a “sea wall” in my apartment, which if you have ever been to Vancouver, you may recognize the punny name. (To explain: they too have a sea wall, except it’s a physical brick wall that helps minimize the erosion of Stanley Park into the sea) Mine consists of some beautiful prints via New Zealand artist Nut and Bee and some amazing stuffed creatures that I think some friends got from Etsy.


Whaletaculon and Squiddy

left to right: Whaletaculon and Squiddy

I like it when the sun falls from the vaulted ceiling windows onto the stuffies and makes it look like they are under water.

These are the Nut and Bee prints

These are the Nut and Bee prints

So, it’s no surprise I often surf around Flickr looking for interesting seacrafts. Today I found this pair o’ ‘pis:

Wedding Octopis via a href=

via dropstitch on Flickr, made via this pattern on


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