Crafting a Proposal (part 1): Acquiring the matryoshka

After I received the dolls in the mail, I remained unsure of what to do. I knew I wanted to make them into something meaningful to us and not too proposal or marriage related. Something I could put on the shelf and remember our Asia trip as well as the proposal and the crafting experience. (Remember; I’ve never painted anything other than paint by numbers in my life!)

My Moleskine Van Gough special edition notebook

My Moleskine Van Gough special edition notebook

With this new born need to craft, I began sketching some ideas in my beautiful silk Moleskine book. I had a vague idea of the concepts I wanted to capture from Japanese culture including, but not limited to: bonsai, geisha, harajuku girls, octopus, robots, sumo, Mount Fuji and Hello Kitty.

The sketches were simple, and I had a hard time limiting them to specific ideas. There were four larger dolls and two super tiny ones to decorate. I thought I would save the most detail for the larger dolls so I focused my energy on those.

The sketches took shape as follows:

These were the ideas for the larger dolls.

Various details and smaller concepts I wanted to include

Looking back, I was pretty true to my original sketches, especially on the geisha and Mount Fuji dolls

Some details and ideas for the Mount Fuji doll.

In the end, I decided to do dolls with a geisha, sumo, Mount Fuji and Hello Kitty theme, with a special idea for the two tiny dolls. Not everything would go according to plan though…

more to come