Time2cre8s tarantula minicards

Time2cre8's tarantula minicards

I haven’t been the luckiest person in terms of winning things. I guess I’m decent at poker, but I don’t play a lot of casino slot machines or enter a lot of contests.

However, today, I won something on Etsy! I placed an order last night for some mini-notecards that I thought were pretty adorable. Time2cre8‘s (aka MaryLou) shop has a nice selection of minicards, so I thought it would be nice to get a few cards just for general use and to surprise loved ones in my life.

So this morning I woke to an email saying that I had won $10 of free merchandise! The reason? I was her 3333rd order, and the number 3 is significant to her. This was music to my ears since I had a hard time picking out items the night before. I’ve decided to pick out a selection of 10 sea creature themed captionable minicards to add to my sea wall.

In browsing MaryLou’s Etsy shop, however, I found that she had some amazing little gift tags and labels that would be great for a sea or ocean/beach themed wedding. So pretty… and affordable at just over $0.30 each!

Click the picture to go to the item in Time2Cre8’s shop:

Seahorse tags

Octopi tags

Also: visit MaryLou’s blog. She does a lot of beading as well.