Here are some beautiful ring alternatives for your man, in wood.

Some things to consider when thinking about getting a wood ring:

  • durability. Some woods are softer than others, and no wood will be as strong as even a softer metal. Probably not the best choice for someone who works with their hands a lot.
  • sizing. Because it’s wood, the sizing should be right the first time, it’s difficult (if impossible) to resize. Do two measures, one upon waking, and the other in the middle of the day.
  • price. Wood rings can be considerably more affordable than other materials, but can be upgraded with metals and inlays.
  • inscription. Wood can be easily burnt into or inscribed upon making personalization very easy.
  • The meaning of the wood. Here is a sample of some meanings behind different types of woods.

First row, left to right: Juniper heart ring from touchwoodrings & titanium and jarrah inlay ring from Rob and Lean on etsy.

Second row, left to right: A koa and titanium ring from tropical grains,  wood and silver from, the next three are all from; walnut and bloodwood, ebony, maple and bocote and purpleheart & walnut and lignum vitae.