Las Vegas Sun

An overview of the Strip as it was in 2007. This is an interactive map you can use to view casinos from 1930 until today. Credit: Las Vegas Sun

As someone who works in media (newspapers) I like to stay abreast of what other newspapers are doing, especially online. It’s a format all newspapers have embraced and are trying to make their own.

The Las Vegas Sun is leading the field. I could expound on the virtues of their site and how much I want to work for them many times over, but I’ll try to keep it simple. The area they excel in is online breaking news microreporting (ie; they are covering your neighbourhood and all the news that is relevant to you as it happens.) They do this not only in traditional text reporting, but also in video, photos and other online multimedia.

Of course, Las Vegas is, well, VEGAS, and it has a lot of history behind it, which has been documented since the start. The Las Vegas Sun’s site has a whole section that covers the history of the Strip, as well as downtown and valley casinos. They talk about celebrities, construction, even mob ties.

I’ve already professed my love for maps, so you can guess what my favourite feature is; the zoomable, clickable, timelined casino history maps. They even feature non Strip hotels, which are just as important in Las Vegas, but obviously are not seen as much by many visitors.

Las Vegas Sun

You can click on any of the hotels for an info box like this. Credit: Las Vegas Sun

If you are having your wedding in Vegas, or are even considering a trip there, I highly recommend you check this section of their site out. It’s highly informative and very interactive. It would be a great place to link to if you have a wedding website and want to give your guests a bit of background on the city. Even residents and people who have been to Vegas multiple times will probably learn something new about Las Vegas.

Source: Las Vegas Sun Vegas history microsite