Baseball diamond ring, anyone?

Baseball diamond ring, anyone?

Before I came up with the idea of the nesting matyroshka doll proposal for my man, I considered many many other options. A custom beer bottle, fancy dinner at Vegas restaurant, renting a billboard, a treasure hunt… maybe I’ll blog about those ideas some day, for those out there unsure on the best way to propose to their boyfriends.

In any case, something I had also considered was something to do with football. He is an NFL fan, but since we live in Canada, it was going to be hard to pull something together. Sporting events seem a popular place for proposals. Perhaps because it’s public and it’s something both of the engagees enjoy; or atleast I hope so! I, personally, would find it overwhelming and a bit embarrassing to have that much attention, it’s just not my thing.

In any case, Yankee Stadium, the spot of many Jumbotron/diamondvision proposals, is closing/moving this year after 85 years of baseball! Michael C Fina, the jeweller, and Hearts on Fire wanted the last proposal there to be something special so they held a contest for people to win the opportunity to be the last proposal there.  The winner of the contest won a 1.5 carat Hearts On Fire diamond engagement ring valued at $40,000, four Yankees tickets, and a televised marriage proposal during the final game at the original Yankee Stadium.

So, on September 18, Bill Davis proposed to Kate Cannon…and she said yes! Davis won the contest out of 8000 entries. Seemed like a good couple to get it done; they met after Davis’ first wife passed away, and fell in love while attending Yankee games together. There are plans to incorporate a Yankee theme into their wedding.

I doubt you need a $40,000 ring to do it, but if you guy is into baseball and he’s into public events, maybe a baseball game is a good place to ask him to marry you.