It is long past fall, which is the time I told myself I would pop the question.

Questions raced through my mind:

“Is now the best time?”
“What will my family say?”
“What happens next?”

And most of all:

“What if he says no?”

We have been home from our Asian adventure for almost a year…that was the trip that made me go “this guy… this guy is great.”

I started to quietly work on a project to ask him, and now I find myself near our four year dating anniversary. The time has come.

To help, Ariel on Offbeat Bride posted this little nugget in a two part series (pt 1 : pt 2) on proposing to yer man:

I know: it’s scary right? You’re thinking, “What if he says no?” Well, no one said taking your life by the reigns would be easy, and the anxieties and fears of rejection that come up around proposing give you great insight into some of the cultural pressures men traditionally experience.

WTF am I waiting for?

Hope to post some news soon…