The wedding is in Las Vegas. That much is clear at this point. With a sh!tstorm of other things going on at the same time, I am finding it hard to think of small details that will Vegas-ify our wedding which is starting to feel less Vegas-y.

But last night, I thought it would be good to look up interesting entertainers to accompany us into our reception venue. Because what is Vegas if not a home to impersonators, entertainers, magicians, singers, dancers, and…Elvis?

I used gigmasters to look up different Elvis impersonators in the Las Vegas area. There are many. Like, over 50. They all have different eras, song catalogues and of course, fees. Some have been doing this for years, others are new to the business. Many have received accolades in Elvis impersonation contests, some have starred as Elvis in commercials.

Anyhow, last night at 11pm I put out for quotes on gigmasters for a few Elvii. At 8 am this morning – VALENTINES DAY, MIND YOU – I got a call back from a booking agent. Half groggy, I listened to the manager’s sales pitch on how great this particular Elvis was, how it was miraculous he was free etc etc.

After 10 minutes of listening, I promptly fell back to sleep, and dreamt. Of Elvis.

♫ Taaaaake myyyyyy haaaaaandddddd….. ♫