This blogger only has eyes for baby romanesco.

This blogger only has eyes for baby romanesco.

Hi all! My name is Kelly. I’m a 30-year-old woman living in western Canada who is planning a Las Vegas wedding after popping the big question to my boyfriend of three years. During the day I am a photo and website editor for the largest and longest established newspaper in my city. I love my job!

My boyfriend is an unsuspecting 28-year-old former computer engineer turned pro-poker player and food critic. We live with each other (much to my mother’s chagrin) and together we keep a small stable of tarantulas, huntsmen spiders and scorpions. We love to play golf together, scuba dive, eat Ethiopian cuisine and sing  along to classic rock songs in the car. Or while showering. Any way you want it, that’s the way I need it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Uh, how many creepy crawlies do you keep?

At one point there were probably 10 scorps, tarantulas, spiders and centipedes, plus a cockroach colony. After we went to Asia for a few months, there were some casualties, so now we just have five guys in our red lamp heated closet. I like to call it the boudoir, since it glows red under the door.

Why did you ask your boyfriend to marry you? Why didn’t you just (wait, hint, leave?)

I guess that’s not my style. Besides, he did all the hard work up until now. He asked me out for dinner and we met for the first time ( we only knew each other on the internet previously). He pursued me for a year, during which we were just “friends” if you asked me.

Finally one night, he got up the gumption to kiss me, and so we came to become a couple. Knowing what I know about him now, that was a huge risk for him to take and incredibly brave. I thought I had put him through enough of putting his ass on the line, and figured I’d try it for once. Plus, I thought I had a really awesome idea for a proposal, so I wanted to jump on it before he came up with something. I guess I’m just too competitive and wanted to be the first for once.

When did you ask? How did you do it?

After taking my sweet time finishing my project, I sat and waited. And waited. No time seemed right! Trips to Vegas seemed too flashy (and think of the trip home if he said no!) and dinners out too public. Finally, one night in March 2009 I crept out into the living room and gave him his gift.

He opened it, and said yes.

What is your contact info?

You can reach me at kayzeewinter (at)

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