Think of these links as chapters in an index to a book. Each category will list all the entries I have posted on the particular subject.

Some categories overlap or are related, so you may find a blog entry indexed under other categories. This index is to make browsing the site easier if you have just found me, or want to read all my posts in a particular category.

  • About / FAQ: About me, and any questions I get frequently asked.
  • DIY: The do-it-yourselfer’s haven. Things to try, or things I’ve tried in preparation for the big day, or for the days after in my home.
  • Etsy: Finds on Etsy, the crafter’s marketplace.
  • Fashion: Dresses, shoes, rings and other jewellery: anything to do with fashion.
  • Food: Mr M is a food critic, and I’m lucky enough to be his partner in crime. Here are our exploits in and out of our own kitchen, and restaurants!
  • Las Vegas: Anything to do with Las Vegas, my dream wedding location.
  • News: My day job is working at the photo desk at a large newspaper. Here are some wedding related news bits that you may have missed.
  • Oh, Hell No: Frightening finds from the world of weddings. Not meant to offend, these are just some things meant to evoke laughter.
  • Proposal: The steps I took up to and including the big Q!
  • Stationery: I’m paper crazy. Maybe you are too.
  • Themes: Wedding design themes and concepts I have considered or admired from time to time.
  • Tools: Templates and various tools that make organizing and planning easier.