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(Clockwise from top, Tunisian inspired maxi style dress by Tracy Reese, Carmen Marc Valvos steel grey minidress, and Luca Lucas stained glass mini)

(Clockwise from top, Carmen Marc Valvo's steel grey minidress, Luca Luca's 'stained glass' mini and Tunisian inspired maxi style dress by Tracy Reese, both in snorkel blue)

Or colors, if you’re from the States. 🙂

In case you weren’t aware, it’s New York Fashion week. It’s a wonderous time, full of purses, shoes, and clothing I may never cast a gaze upon, let alone wear. However, it’s an important time because it can direct the way fashion filters down to the ‘lower levels’ of society, and can set important trends, not only in fashion, but in paint colours and other design choices.

Pantone released their ‘spring 2008 colours’ and I wasn’t overly impressed. Very pastel driven, not my favourite shades so I hope the malls aren’t flooded with these colours over winter. I have to say my likes were the Silver Grey and Snorkel Blue. I’ve included the designs in those colours in my snapshot here, which I also enjoy. The bride wore…blue?

Find more designs in the other colours and more info at Pantone’s site.